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Looking After Ourselves with Tenderness & Acting with Courage – 4 hour Introductory Workshop

This course is delivered by: Dr Wendy McIntosh

How do you hold the boundary and find the courage to say ‘No’ when needed?

What does self care look like and why is it so important?

Our popular trainer Wendy develops the following themes:

  • Vicarious Trauma/Compassion Fatigue
  • Transference & Counter Transference – what happens between you and your clients
  • What your Limbic System is for and how it responds to stressful situations
  • Burnout – why it happens and how to reduce the risk


Friday 26th June 09:15-13:30 (with a break)

Interactive exercises form a key part of the workshopsWendy also develops a new theme of acting with courage and finding your voice. We’re looking forward to hearing more!

NB if you’d like to examine these topics in further detail,  you can join sessions 2 and 3. See the relevant course pages for more information.

Course Cost: £75

Learning Outcomes include:

  1. To explore tenderness and the meaning it has for us in our professional and personal lives
  2. To understand the importance of tenderness in professional boundary work
  3. An appreciation of the role of courage in our professional practice
  4. An awareness of the theory underpinning themes of vicarious trauma, boundaries and transference.

Sessions 2 and 3 will cover the above in more depth and the following:

  • To explore how vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and stress may challenge the notion of being tender with self
  • To identify and begin to practice strategies for maintaining boundaries with tenderness for self and clients (thus decreasing risk of vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue)

Students from our 2019 Tenderness 2 day Workshop

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    £ 75

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    Friday 26 June 2020 09:15-13:30

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    4 hours

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What your colleagues have said about this course:

“Life changing, people centred, honest & evocative”

“WOW! Really inspirational. I feel motivated”

“This was the most engaging and empowering workshop I’ve ever done - due to Wendy’s incredible way of organically facilitating the learning, and enable insights to naturally emerge. Very powerful, non-didactic and loving / tender.”

“It was awesome! Wendy is the most engaging, knowledgeable & humorous facilitator.”

“Highly recommended. Wendy is brilliant”

“Everyone needs a pocket Wendy! The compassion, understanding, knowledge and tenderness is exactly what I need in my practice.”