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Looking After Ourselves With Tenderness – Revisiting and Strengthening

This course is delivered by: Dr Wendy McIntosh PhD

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Whether you joined us last year or not, we invite you to come along and explore how treating yourself with tenderness benefits not only you but your clients.

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During this two-day workshop, Dr McIntosh will use experiential learning (Psychodrama) to explore a number of themes throughout the day including Vicarious Trauma, Compassion Fatigue, Boundaries, Transference, Limbic System and Attachment.



Price: £240pp

Date: 14th-15th June 2019 Time: 9:00-16:30

Location: Holborn, London


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Priority spaces will be given to those who book both days but we’d still like to hear from you if you are only able to attend one of the days!

Learning Outcomes include:

  1. To explore tenderness and meaning it has for us in our professional and personal lives
  2. To reflect on times where we may have been harsh or highly critical of ourselves and rewrite an old script to create new meaning
  3. To understand the importance of tenderness in professional boundary work
  4. To explore how vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and stress may challenge the notion of being tender with self
  5. To identify the clues from our body that tenderness is required
  6. To identify and practice strategies for maintaining boundaries with tenderness for self and clients (thus decreasing risk of vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue)

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    £ 240

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    14th-15th June 2019

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    2 days

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    12+ points

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Where to find the course

Citadines Holborn-Covent Garden London, WC1V 6LF

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What your colleagues have said about this course:

Feedback from Wendy's Tenderness training day last year:

“Dr Wendy McIntosh is an amazingly knowledgeable trainer who held the room well, kept everybody safe & imparted knowledge with humour. Very engaging.”

“What a knowledgeable and charismatic person Wendy was. A pleasure to attend CPD.”

“Hard hitting, interactive... very relevant to our work at BSL Interpreters.”

“Good mix of theories, shown in a practical way & how you can apply”

“Really thought provoking”

“Well worth attending”

“Really insightful”

“It’s fantastic - a great way to learn, interactive.”

“It was an interesting look at the psychology of our interactions and what provokes reactions, stress, etc ... then strategies on how to manage this.”

“What stood out most for me was the organic way the workshop developed; Wendy had a beautiful way of bringing what we did to all examples of the course.”

“Lots of light bulb moments”