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Working as an Interpreter in other Countries: America

This course is delivered by: Kellyeanne Norrod

In this fascinating recorded interview we compare the training and practice of our American Sign Language Interpreting colleagues with that of our own.

Kellyeanne enlightens us about a variety of topics including video relay interpreting, working with Deaf/Relay Interpreters and legal interpreter training. She also explains why consecutive interpreting is favoured in court and discusses the need for more self-evaluation.

Learning Objectives include:

  1. To gain a greater understanding of the interpreting climate in the US
  2. To identify common issues affecting the profession and how to address them
  3. To identify positive practices we can learn from our international colleagues

Along with the video lectures you’ll receive a workbook with exercises to complete, online questions to answer and a number of useful resources to download.

Learn more about Kellyeanne Norrod on her trainer page.

Kellyeanne Norrod

Kellyeanne Norrod

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