Effective interpretations through supportive co-working

Jill Henshaw

  • Duration: 120 minutes

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"Excellent delivery and so enlightening from all Jill's years of experience."

How do you feel after a co-worked session? That you’ve been both supportive and supported to give your professional best to your clients?

Jill says: “I have met many people who are afraid of co-working – probably because of the horror stories we so often hear.  My experiences have been mostly positive and I would like to share what I think are the most effective strategies for co-working, and how we can ensure we are supporting our colleagues in the best way possible, as well as receiving the support we need, to make interpretations go smoothly.”

Learning Outcomes:

  • An understanding of the importance of identifying our own needs when co-working
  • An enhanced awareness of our co-worker’s/co-workers’ potential needs
  • An insight into the range of co-working strategies available to us
  • Identify ways to exchange feedback with co-workers

Find out more about Jill by reading her bio.

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Excellent delivery and so enlightening from all Jill’s years of experience.”

“Thank you Wendy and Jill – very interesting Webinar :)”

Great webinar, so needed.”

Gave me lots to think about. Very informative.”

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