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Vicky Pannell

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"It covered a wide range of experiences.. these will be useful in a variety of bookings... like biting into a ferrero rocher  and having all the new textures and tastes" - Judy, Interpreter

What do we need to consider when interpreting for Deaf in patients? How about interpreting for Deaf medical professionals, their colleagues and patients? What are some of the challenges and rewards of working on the ward? How can we best prepare for these types of assignments? How can you accurately represent the professional client as well as the patient, whilst dealing with the demands of a busy hospital?​

The doctor considers an x-ray picture of a thorax.

Vicky Pannell has worked in this domain for some time now and will be sharing her tips and experience with us all.​ Vicky will not be covering mental health interpreting in her webinar.

Learning outcomes include:

An enhanced understanding of what is required of you when interpreting for Deaf professionals in medical settings.
An awareness of how to prepare for a medical interpreting assignment with a Deaf patient.
An understanding of how different models of interpreting affect how you interpret for a Deaf patient.
An awareness of the fundamental issues when interpreting at a birth.

The recorded version of this webinar will consist of:

A 60 minute powerpoint presentation
30 minutes of questions from the original participants which are read out and answered by the presenter.

For more information about Vicky, visit her bio page.

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What users said about this webinar

“Enjoyable webinar, thought provoking.”  – Sue, Interpreter

“Well structured. Having only ever worked with Deaf patients on a ward the deaf professional information was educational. The Conduit versus Advocate models was thought provoking.” – Lesley

“It was useful to hear about what it is like working on wards and the usual procedures that happen (eg. handover) and how to deal with this and issues that may arise.” – Fiona

“It was lovely to sit an listen to an interpreter share their experience of 6 years medical interpreting” – Danielle

“It covered a wide range of experiences.. these will be useful in a variety of bookings… like biting into a ferrero rocher  and having all the new textures and tastes” – Judy, Interpreter


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