What you'll learn

This training session will look at the skills needed for telephone interpreting with your clients both remotely and face-to-face. Through a combination of taught sessions, pair/group exercises and roleplay we will look at why  telephone calls can be so challenging, and how we can work proactively to create strategies to better manage this type of interpreted event. 

We will examine how working remotely impacts the interpreting process and discuss various tools that you can draw on to make interpreted telephone calls a successful experience for all parties.        

This full day session will include the following:

  • An examination of the conventions and protocols in everyday telephone conversations.
  • An exploration of the perspectives of both deaf and hearing clients in relation to interpreted telephone calls.
  • How you can best prepare for telephone interpreting.
  • Strategies for effective telephone interpreting.
  • Applying the strategies to VRS calls.

Eligible for 6 structured CPD points. 

Cost £95 per person or £850 per organisation 

This session can be delivered remotely or face-to-face


  • This qualifies for 6 structured points

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“Found the course one of the best courses I have attended since starting with CPD”

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