• Learner coaching

    learner coaching

    We're passionate about helping our students develop professionally. Did you know we offer 1:1 coaching to help you plan your future professional development and guide your training choices.

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  • e-Learning consultancy

    elearning consultancy

    Are you looking to set up your own online training school. From concept to completion, we can help you get started. We can advise you on the right software to meet your needs, help you with content creation and either provide you with your finished product or manage your school on an ongoing basis.

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  • Face to face training

    face to face training

    Do you enjoy face-to-face training? Linguistpd provide bespoke training for groups on a wide variety of subjects including ethical reasoning and domain-specific training. Whether you'd like a follow up to one of your favourite webinars in person or you have a group who would like bespoke training on a specific subject, get in touch and see how we can help!

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