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So you want to be an interpreter?

Wendy Ledeux and Jules Dickinson are back for an update on their Trainee Interpreters/CSWs workshop. They will cover a huge variety of topics including professionalism, accepting assignments (or not!), preparation for assignments, ethical scenarios and much more!

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Telephone Interpreting while working remotely

Cost from £95

This training session will look at the skills needed for telephone interpreting with your clients both remotely and face-to-face. Through a combination of taught sessions, pair/group exercises and roleplay we will look at why  telephone calls can be so challenging, and how we can work proactively to create strategies to better manage this type of interpreted event. 

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Office interpreting in a remote age

It is likely that interpreting from home will continue to be the “new normal”. This brings unique challenges to the workplace interpreter in managing workplace interaction, maintaining the client-interpreter relationship and dealing with the complexities of technology. 

This course can be provided to corporate customers employing staff interpreters or individuals.

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