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Looking After Ourselves with Tenderness & Acting with Courage – Two Day Deep Dive Workshop

Dr Wendy McIntosh

  • Course date: Friday 26 & Saturday 27 June 2020
  • Duration: 16 hours (2 days)
  • Cost: £240

““Life changing, people centred, honest & evocative”. “This was the most engaging and empowering workshop I’ve ever done…” Wendy’s 2 day workshop explores how tenderness and courage is needed when working with clients. Take time out for self-care 26th & 27th June 2020

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Working as an interpreter in other countries: France

Delivered by Aurelia Nana Gassa Gonga

  • Duration: 2+ hours
  • Cost: £30

What can we learn from our French sign language interpreting colleagues?  What’s the interpreting climate like?

France has recently launched its nationwide video interpreting service. How is that funded and what standards are in place to ensure quality?

The French Sign Language profession has been impacted by the development of a new role, the ‘Interface’ which apparently does not require those who are interpreting to remain impartial or interpret everything that is said in front of a Deaf person. Aurelia discusses the challenges that poses to both service providers and consumers.

During this course Aurelia will give us an insight into the challenges and successes facing French sign language interpreters as well as her PhD research into International Sign.

Scroll down for a subtitled preview of the course, where Aurelia discusses France’s new nationwide video interpreting service:


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