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Identifying and Appreciating the Vulnerable Self – Building Buffers for Self Care

Dr Wendy McIntosh

  • Date: 22 September 2021
  • Time: 7pm-9pm
  • Cost: £25
  • Cost (US): £25

We’re delighted to welcome the return of one of our most popular trainers, Dr McIntosh.

During this fascinating webinar, Wendy will explore how to both identify and appreciate the vulnerable self, as well as how to develop protective strategies for you – as a person and as a professional.

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Strategies for talking about English in BSL

(Ideas for interpreters and CSWs supporting students in an English language class)

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What is the webinar about? 

Supporting sign language users in an English language class presents unique challenges. Until recently, there has been a lack of collated conventionalised signs for terms that are likely to crop up in an English language class such as tenses, idioms, adjectives and phrasal verbs.

In this webinar Russell Aldersson shares important research undertaken with teachers of English to sign language users (and some interpreters & CSWs), examining the role of British Sign Language in the teaching of English to Deaf adult learners.

Additionally, the webinar is an interactive workshop that aims to provide a safe space for interpreters and CSWs to discuss strategies for meaning making when supporting sign language users in an English language classroom.

We will spend some time exploring the meaning of terminology relating to language and grammar and how we might express / unpack that in BSL. Topics will include, word classes and their functions, the English tenses, the conditionals and the language we use to talk about language (metalanguage).

Russell will introduce you to a website for sign language users learning English which contains video resources and explanations of English language concepts in BSL.

Russell will also explain the concept of “Translanguaging” and its benefits when working with Deaf students in the English classroom.

Do you need a BSL/English Interpreter? Please let us know as soon as you register.

Learning Outcomes:

This webinar allows for participants to:

  • Consider strategies for unpacking the meaning of linguistic terminology in BSL
  • Explore practical suggestions when working with Deaf students in English language lessons
  • Familiarise themselves with some of the possibilities for how these might be realised in BSL
  • Learn about translanguaging theory and how approaching our work through that lens could be beneficial in our day-to-day work.

CPD (2hours structured) – (2 hours unstructured – background reading).


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