Vicci Ackroyd RSLI

Vicci Acknroyd. Interpreting Diagnostic Instruments for Autism in Deaf Children

Vicci Ackroyd, one of our trainers for this webinar.

Vicci Ackroyd qualified as a RSLI (Registered Sign Language Interpreter) in 2003 and has worked for ND CAMHS (National Deaf Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) in York since 2008, she is the Lead English/BSL clinical team interpreter across the North of England.  She has worked as a Communication Support Worker with a range of children and young people from primary school to higher education; she has also worked as a community interpreter.  She developed the role of team clinical interpreter within the teams across the Northern Arm and has been instrumental in implementing the practice professional approach (Pollard and Dean, 2001) within the service.

Vicci has responsibility for the communication policy and helped to develop the communication profile.  Along with Hayley Lafferty she has been developing the “Kaleidoscope Model” for interpreting within CAMHS.  Vicci has a wealth of experience working as a team interpreter with deaf CAMHS, working with deaf children and their families throughout the care pathway.

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