What you'll learn

Whether you’re mid training or been qualified for a number of years, dilemmas are a regular occurrence. How can we take the guess work out of the decisions we make? Wendy Ledeux will offer some frameworks to enable you to examine the decisions you make and the approach you take to your professional practice.

Learning outcomes include:

  • ​A knowledge of the basics of Robyn Dean’s Demand Control Schema and Dialogic Work Analysis
  • Reflecting on your own skills and traits which you bring to an assignment
  • Reflecting on what may make you suitable/unsuitable for an assignment
  • After the webinar learners will be able to use framework(s) to examine their own ethical dilemmas and assist in their resolution.

    These learning outcomes have been approved by the NRCPD as meeting the requirements for structured CPD.

A 70 minute presentation
50 minutes of questions from the original participants which are read out and answered by the presenter. Dilemmas from the online audience are also discussed and some of the frameworks earlier presented are used to help address them.


Structured CPD Points: 2


  • This qualifies for 2 structured points

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