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Some people, most often due to a learning difficulty, mental health issues or children, have limited or unusual use of language.  When the person is relying on BSL the interpreter needs to adapt their signs to match the person’s vocabulary and world understanding.  It is here that the interpreter needs to employ all of their tools and break with convention in order to assist communication.

This webinar seeks to remind you of the tools you currently have but may not be using. The webinar will address reasons why your Deaf client may have minimal/idiosyncratic language including a foreign sign language, language deficit and autism and growing up with family signs.

Jackie also shares her thoughts on ways of working and you explores issues that could arise and how to resolve them through clear team working with other professionals.

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"Thanks Jackie and Wendy. Very interesting and useful. Learned lots!!" - Nez, Interpreter

"Definitely really interesting webinar and really useful." - Charlotte, Interpreter

"It was very practical and wasn't technical or jargon - Jackie reaffirmed strategies that I already used, but also gave new ideas and suggestions. It has given me confidence to step away from the norm." - Alison

"Great webinar. Great presenter Jackie. Thanks everyone for your interesting comments" - Mike, Interpreter

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"Really, I enjoyed everything about it!"

"Thanks again for going the extra mile for me. You and the team have certainly given me very pleasant personal and individual care" - Judy, Trainee Interpreter

"Thank you! It's been great to be involved. Long live Linguistpd!" - Valerie, Interpreter

"Thank you both - glad I made home in time for tonight!" - Catherine, Interpreter