What you'll learn

‘I’m just not good enough!’

In the course of your professional practice you may have heard a colleague say this, or you may even have said it yourself. This feeling of not being good enough is rooted in shame. This webinar will examine the issue of shame, with a specific focus on how feelings of shame and inadequacy can impact on the relationships interpreters have with their deaf and hearing clients.

We will take a detailed look at where shame can originate from and how it affects us. We will consider how we can recognise feelings of shame and what our individual triggers might be. I will detail how interpreters can be alert to feelings of shame within interpreted interaction. Finally we will explore how we can manage these feelings when they arise, and how we can build resilience to shame.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the session participants will:

  • Understand the powerful nature of shame and where it originates from
  • Have an awareness of how shame can arise in interpreted interaction
  • Understand how to manage feelings of shame that might arise in the course of their work
  • Be able to begin to develop strategies for building shame resilience


  • This qualifies for 2 structured points


This qualifies for .2 CEU

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What users are saying about this training

"Smashing session. Lots of food for thought. Many thanks" - Maureen, Interpreter

"Very good indeed. Lots to ponder..." - June, Interpreter

"Thoroughly enjoyed my very first live webinar. Thank you to Jules for the food for thought this evening. So much resonated with the current situation i find myself in." - Lydia, Interpreter

"New topic that hasn't really come to the fore previously and it is incredibly pertinent and useful/essential to help us with remaining resilient throughout our careers" - Mariella, Interpreter

"The depth of knowledge of the presenter, Jules, and clear, logical way in which she presented the topic . She was very honest about her own experiences and this really helped me relate to the topic on a personal/professional basis" - Anon, Interpreter

"I thoroughly enjoyed this webinar. I can relate to most of the content and have encountered numerous examples of shame throughout my interpreting career. It is extremely liberating to be able to identify shame, in all its forms, and to be able to learn coping strategies to use when experiencing this. It is also reassuring to know, it's not just me!" - Anon, Interpreter

What users are saying about Linguistpd training

Thanks Wendy, one of the best presented webinars I've seen, very informative and insightful, really enjoyed!  Looking forward to many more.  This really is a great way to train especially having recently become a mum with a 1 and 2 year old! Again a huge thank you and appreciation for setting these up. - Mandy, Interpreter

"Again, my thanks for providing such high quality work. Much appreciated" - Alison, Interpreter

"Thank you so much for this very enjoyable and informative session ... It has certainly given me food for thought and I shall definitely be carrying out some further research and training within this field. "

"Wonderful trainers, very informative & interesting, appreciated the shared experiences and will look forward to receiving further resource material and information... Thank you" - Sally, Interpreter