Subtitled Course Now Available!

15th May 2017

We’re hugely excited and proud to announce that our first subtitled course has now been launched!

As you probably know, we have always been extremely keen to make our training accessible for Deaf Professionals, so that both deaf and hearing can learn together.

Last month we announced that we would have upcoming online training available with subtitles – and we released a free taster session of our new course- if you haven’t already enrolled on the free preview then you can still do so now by clicking here!


The course is entitled Professional Boundaries- maintaining wellbeing for you and your clients, and it is taught by Dr Wendy McIntosh.


Who is Dr Wendy McIntosh?

image of Dr McIntosh

Dr Wendy McIntosh PhD is a psychiatric nurse with over 30 years experience, and professional boundaries is an area of practice that she’s been developing for many years. Wendy has worked in a range of roles including clinician, researcher and educator, and is now director of her own company and holds workshops regularly.


What will you learn on the course?

How do we handle the sometimes delicate professional-client relationship? What do we do when we feel that our boundaries are being pushed? How do we deal with vicarious trauma and transference?


The course will consider the above and much more. After each lecture, there’s a chance to consider the topic in more depth, with exercises, quizzes, and recommended reading. The course is entirely online, meaning you can study at your own pace and convenience, in the comfort of your own home! 


As mentioned above, there’s a free preview of the course available, and we would love to get your feedback at the end!


If you want to enrol on the full course, you can do so here.


How long is the course?

Duration of the course is a minimum of 4 hours when undertaking the exercises as directed. 


How many CPD points can you get?

 A minimum of 4 structured CPD points for completing the course plus further material for unstructured learning. Unfortunately we currently can’t offer any CEUs to our learners from the US. 

How much will it cost?

The course costs £99.


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