Are you taking tender care of your professional self?

9th July 2018

Members of the Linguistpd community recently met to focus on how we can take care of ourselves whist providing for the needs of our clients, many of whom are vulnerable and experiencing challenging situations.

Wendy McIntosh & Linguistpd learners

Using experiential learning (psychodrama) Wendy McIntosh explored a number of themes including professional boundaries, transference/counter-transference, vicarious trauma, stress and the limbic system.

Interpreters and lipspeakers examined their own self-care strategies, as well as looking at challenging situations they experience at work and how better to manage them.

We were provided with a comprehensive workbook to help us examine themes ahead of the day’s learning and to record them in more depth after the day. This tool contributed to a number of hours of unstructured/self-directed CPD.

Workbook ‘Looking After Ourselves with Tenderness’

What did they think of the day? 

“What stood out most for me was the organic way the workshop developed; Wendy had a beautiful way of bringing what we did to all examples of the course.”

“Awareness of boundary transgressions ie the difference between crossing & violation. I need to apply this to my regular clients & have a serious look at some of my working relationships.”

“Experiential aspects were very powerful!”

“The profound complexity of the way we interact and how everyone brings an addition set of intrapsychic personas with them. Allowing space and finding space to manage this complexity.”

“Not to beat myself up and to think about knock-on-effect of boundaries” “Lots of light bulb moments”

“I learnt about tenderness to myself & what that might look like. How to create a space between myself & my client. “

“Dr Wendy McIntosh is an amazingly knowledgeable trainer who held the room well, kept everybody safe & imparted knowledge with humour. Very engaging.”

“What a knowledgeable and charismatic person Wendy was. A pleasure to attend CPD.”

“Hard hitting, interactive, impactual & very relevant to our work at BSL Interpreters.”

“Well worth attending”

“Really insightful”

“It’s fantastic – a great way to learn, interactive.”

So how is it going to change my practice?

Wendy Ledeux, Linguistpd’s Owner & Founder decided to put her learning into practice straight away.

“During the workshop we learned the importance of taking time out each day to decompress, to be in that third space where you move from you as the professional to you as the wife/husband/mother/father/friend/son/daughter etc. Before I went home, I went for a walk and found it really helpful for me to leave work behind and transition to home life.”

Did you miss out? 

You’ll be pleased to know Dr McIntosh plans to return to host more training.

If you’d like to attend make sure you email us or use the contact us form on our website and we’ll let you know as soon as we know the dates!



Linguistpd Learners with Wendy Ledeux, Linguistpd Owner & Founder



In the meantime you can watch Wendy’s lectures online with the following 2 hour webinars:

Transference & Counter Transference: learning from the ‘Aha!’ moments​​

Advancing the work of personal reflection looking after your limbic system

Vicarious Trauma – avoid reliving your client’s experience

and the 4 hour subtitled course:

Professional Boundaries – Maintaining Wellbeing for All

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