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Humour is an essential part of day to day communication, occurring in almost every imaginable setting and situation. Humour has been extensively researched in terms of spoken language interaction, but there has been minimal research on how interpreters manage humorous exchanges. Consequently there is very little training which focuses specifically on interpreting this aspect of relational talk.

For signed language interpreters, the modality and the cultural aspects of deaf/hearing humour can present particular difficulties. Through a closer examination of the different aspects of humour, including how and why we use humour, this webinar will look at just what makes humour so challenging. We will explore how interpreters can work proactively to create strategies to better manage this type of interpreted event, and will consider the tools you can add to your interpreting toolkit.

Learning outcomes:

From this webinar participants will:

  • Enhance their awareness of the complexity of workplace/meeting talk.
  • Understand the concept of a Community of Practice and how this relates to workplace talk
  • Appreciate the functions of small talk and humour in team meeting talk.
  • Begin to develop strategies for interpreting humorous exchanges.

NB We recognise that as part of our jobs we may have to interpret some humour which we as interpreters would find offensive outside of work. One of the exercises in this webinar uses a clip with some adult humour so – if you prefer – you can use the alternative exercise provided.


  • This qualifies for 2 structured points

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"Jules obviously knows what she is talking about and gave lots of practical examples to think about." - Julie

"Excellent examples, brilliant coping strategies, real life experiences"

"Really good webinar, sound was really clear and Jules is a confident presenter" - Carrie

"It was excellent. It's something I've come to realise is so important when interpreting and is especially challenging in all-male workplace environments where the values and shared humour can be different from my own."

"Jules's delivery is always lovely and clear" - Diana, Interpreter

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"An excellent way of keeping up to date & gaining CPD points."

"Clear information and prep, easy to join and useful tips to take away" - Peter

"Thank you for setting up this new method of training as it is time saving and cost effective"