What you'll learn

Vulnerability is defined as “being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally”.

There are four main types of vulnerability: social, cognitive, environmental, emotional (or military).

What does vulnerability mean for us as individuals and as groups?

Identifying and appreciating the vulnerable self allows us to have a greater capacity to develop buffers to protect ourselves. Understanding the vulnerability areas in our practice can assist us to develop strategies to ensure boundaries are in place. Conversely, developing good boundaries for practice protects vulnerable blind spots.

Learning outcomes:

1. Understand what being vulnerable means for us

2. Identify vulnerable blind spots that influence our practice

3. Identify two priority vulnerable areas that require buffering

4. Begin to identify buffers (strategies) that can be implemented (in life, in/for practice)

5. Exploring the relationship between vulnerability, boundaries and buffers

This session will be eligible for 2 structured CPD points.


  • This qualifies for 2 structured points

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