Dr Wendy McIntosh

image of Dr McIntoshDr Wendy H McIntosh PhD has over 30 years’ experience as a psychiatric nurse and comes highly recommended by the lovely Zane Hema. She has worked in a range of roles as a clinician, researcher and educator. She is a passionate advocate for professional wellbeing and works with both individuals and groups.

Dr McIntosh delivers her webinar all the way from Australia and provides a rare opportunity for us to benefit from research and experience of professionals in other fields.

The theme of professional boundaries is one area of practice that Wendy has been developing for many years. She recognises that when good boundaries are in place for everyone (professional client, family and colleagues) then well being is positively affected. Wendy is now Director of her own company, Davaar Consultancy, and she conducts workshops wherever there is an invite to travel to. Wendy has been a trainee of psychodrama since 1990 and likes to bring an element of surprise and spontaneity into all aspects of her work.

Wendy is Charter President of the Global Nurses & Midwives Rotary Club. An innovative, diverse and inclusive Rotary Club whose members come from around the world.

Dr McIntosh presents the following subtitled online course:

“Professional Boundaries – Maintaining Wellbeing for all”

Dr Wendy McIntosh presents the following training:

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