What you'll learn

This webinar is an interactive session that sets out to examine some of the issues pertaining to interpreting in healthcare settings. We will spend some time discussing the role and positionality of the interpreter and consider some of the challenges and issues that may arise in these contexts. Additionally, we will explore how translanguaging and employing a consecutive strategy can provide us with greater opportunities for effective meaning-making. Reflection and discussion will be key features of this training.

The doctor considers an x-ray picture of a thorax.


Learning outcomes:

  1. Participants will be familiar with consecutive interpreting and some of the challenges and benefits
  2. Participants will understand the notion of translanguaging and moving “beyond” language
  3. Participants will be able to identify strategies for effective meaning making
  4. Participants to have a greater understanding of some of the challenges and issues and our role when working in health care settings.


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What users are saying about this training

"Such an informative session which was broken down into easy chunks"

"So much useful information such as translanguaging, not being afraid to manage consecutive interpreting by explaining to all parties how you as the interpreter is working."

" Russell was a great presenter and kept the engagement of everyone throughout."

"Reflection on our role, advocate, manager, professional and examining benefits of consecutive interpreting and translanguaging. Thought provoking, informative, interesting and encouraging."

"Really useful, practical strategies which can be trialled immediately"

What users are saying about Linguistpd training

"I am so glad that I have found your site as this type of training fits in so well for me with having two young children and not having weekends spare to attend training courses."

"Thank you so much for this very enjoyable and informative session ... It has certainly given me food for thought and I shall definitely be carrying out some further research and training within this field. "

"Was really riveting! Gave me a lot to think about."