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We are excited to have Byron share his more than 35 years’ experience as an interpreter-trainer and assessor with the Linguistpd community. You enjoyed our first webinar, ‘Interpreting on the ward’ and we are sure you will enjoy discussing another aspect of interpreting in medical settings.

The doctor considers an x-ray picture of a thorax.

How can we respond to some of the dilemmas which arise on a day-to-day basis? When working with such a wide variety of clients, what issues might arise?

In the webinar we will be looking at some of the areas in which we can develop our knowledge and understanding to help us provide a better service. We will look at things such as anatomy and physiology, medical terminology and jargon, clients’ attitudes and expectations of interpreters and how we can deal with these in a sensitive and effective manner.

We will also look at some of the practical, ethical and moral issues related to medical interpreting. Things such as ensuring the message is interpreted clearly, confidentiality, giving consent to procedures, interpreter v advocate, and how these can impact on our work.

Structured CPD Points: 2

Learning objectives:

By the end of the webinar, the learner will be assisted to gain:

  1. An understanding of what preparation is necessary and how we can be better prepared when working in medical settings.
  2. An awareness of the range of clients we will interpret for.
  3. A broader appreciation of issues that arise in medical settings and how to address some of them.


  • This qualifies for 2 structured points

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