What you'll learn

Whether you’ve got some experience or if you’re just interested in the thought of possibly one day doing some interpreting in theatre or at large scale events, this is an informative and supportive session.

When you get that call to interpret a performance, what do you need to ask the theatre – and indeed yourself – before you can accept? What practical issues might you need to address? How can you communicate effectively with the theatre to ensure you have what you need on the night?

In this webinar Sarah will take you through the process of theatre interpreting from start to finish.

You will also have the opportunity to learn skills which you can transfer to the other domains you work in. Sarah aims to inspire confidence, provide a space to share experience (whether new to this domain or not) and foster a supportive environment.

Are you an ASL interpreter seeking CEUs? This webinar has been approved by SCRID, an RID Sponsor, for .2 CEUs.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. An understanding of the process of theatre interpreting and considerations before, during and after the performance.
  2. An insight into the specific culture surrounding venues, actors and theatre companies and how to work with them.
  3. Analysis of practical aspects of the job e.g. what questions to ask before the performance.
  4. An awareness of how to approach post performance reflection and aftercare


  • This qualifies for 2 structured points

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"Thank you! very useful input, tips and strategies"

"Really informative and useful thank you so much . Really enjoyed this."

"Thanks Sarah. Was a fantastic talk. Thanks so much."

"The perspective of someone that has the experience, you don’t really get the same from the books!"

"The practical aspect of Sarah's knowledge. So many things to think about to help you do your job well.  very useful information."

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"Many thanks, as I live in quite a rural area this service is a lifeline to me"

"This was my first Linguistpd webinar and I thought it was really good. Not just (the trainer) and the topic, which I found refreshing and thought provoking, but also the workbook and surrounding support."

"It was professional, safe, informative and interactive . The presenter's style was calm and reassuring and the slides very clear"

"Totally invaluable resource - thank you! "

"Excellent quality with fantastic value for money. Keep doing what you are doing!"