What you'll learn

We’re delighted to welcome Vicci Ackroyd and her colleagues from the Leeds and York Partnership NHS to train interpreters on aspects of Autism and how it may present in Deaf Children. You’ll also learn about autism assessments, the Diagnostic Instruments for Autism in Deaf Children (DIADS) project and how interpreters can work with clinicians during the diagnostic process.

Until recently, there was an absence of a specific test for autism for Deaf children. The DIADS project has sought to address this need by adapting autism assessments. However, there is now a need to train interpreters on how to interpret these assessments in a way that does not prejudice their results. Join us for an in depth examination of autism and Deafness, as well as a discussion on how to work with clinicians to best effect.

Structured CPD Points: 2

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the webinar the learner will be enabled to:

  1. Describe autism and it’s main features.
  2. Describe how autism may present in deaf children and to describe some of the complexities in assessing deaf children for autism.
  3. Understand the assessment process and tools used in a highly specialist service for assessing deaf children for autism.
  4. Explore how interpreters work during these assessments.


  • This qualifies for 2 structured points

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"It was an extremely useful webinar for me as a sign language interpreter and educational psychologist. Thank you very much and congratulations to the organisation and panelists."