What you'll learn

BSL/English Interpretation included. Dr Kevin Baker is a consultant clinical psychologist specialising in working with Deaf people, people with an intellectual disability and d/Deaf people with an intellectual disability. Dr Baker conducts psychological assessments, learning disability assessments, psychological therapies and is an expert witness in court.

In this webinar he will discuss how learning disabilities and autism manifest themselves in Deaf adults’ behaviour and communication. The impact of language deprivation will also be explored.

Professionals who work with Deaf adults with autism and learning disability will be invited to consider ways to adjust the way they work to improve communication.



Learning Outcomes

At the end of this session you should have a clear understanding of the following:
  • how professionals make a diagnosis of an intellectual disability (learning disability);
  • how professionals make a diagnosis of autism;
  • how these diagnoses are made with an adult deaf person (and often isn’t made!);
  • have an increased awareness about how intellectual disabilities and/or autism can affect communication in speaking and signing people;
  • we will also explore together how to manage the communication between a deaf person with LD/ASD and a hearing professional.


  • This qualifies for 2 structured points

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