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What’s a data audit? How do I write a privacy policy? What do I need to do to be GDPR compliant? What happens if I don’t?

Well there’s no getting away from it, as a freelancer who processes data, you have to be GDPR compliant. That might seem like a scary beast right now but this course will put it in plain English and break down the steps you need to take to assess your GDPR compliance.

We also examine the impact of Brexit on GDPR, looking at the differences between UK GDPR and EU GDPR regulations

As well as video lectures from our marketing expert, Poppi Hallett and our Owner & Founder, Wendy Ledeux, you’ll have templates which you can adapt to help you towards legal compliance. We answer questions you’ve asked about GDPR and give you exercises to make sure you understand what you’re learning.


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"It was very clearly put together and explained and great that you provided the downloadable templates and info for us"

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