What you'll learn

This webinar presents the first published research examining interpreting from International Sign to spoken English. Brett examines  several strategies utilised by interpreters and helps us apply this to our own voice over skills. Brett also lifts the lid on international sign, so if you’re curious about the field and what it can teach you, this webinar is for you!

This research is applicable and will be of interest to interpreters of national sign languages, such as BSL/English interpreters and ASL/English interpreters, because all of the strategies identified are techniques that many sign language interpreters do or could use in their everyday work. By becoming more consciously aware of these strategies, interpreters are more easily able to recognise that these techniques are available as options and may therefore be more likely to apply them when appropriate.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will:

  1. Gain a basic understanding of the linguistic parameters of International Sign
  2. Be able to name at least three strategies that they can use when producing a spoken interpretation.
  3. Reflect on whether they have used any of these strategies in their own work


  • This qualifies for 2 structured points

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"Brett was very knowledgeable and very relaxed in her delivery. The specific strategies   that we can employ when voicing was very helpful." - Anon

"Very detailed, very well explained and thorough" - Anon

"Actual practical tips for how to tackle voiceover and ways to identify strategies we already use!" - Rosemary

"The practical strategies I can implement in my own practice." - Marie

"Great training and learning tool. Great value for money also. Thanks" - Anon

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