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Professional Boundaries – maintaining wellbeing for you and your clients

Cost from £75

Learn more about Linguistpd’s subtitled online course: “Professional Boundaries – maintaining wellbeing for you and your clients”. You can sign up for the free trial here or dive right into the full version!

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Video Interpreting – Perspectives from The UK, The US & France

Cost from £25

Perhaps now more than ever, we are aware of how technology enables us to work nationally and internationally without leaving our front doors.

Hear from your fellow interpreters in France, the US and the UK about how the video relay industries in their countries began and what impacts their practice in more recent times.

In our UK section, we discuss how COVID has affected video relay interpreting and individual interpreters, and how you can adapt to the future working landscape.

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Working as an Interpreter in other Countries: America

Cost from £30

Kellyeanne enlightens us about a variety of topics including video relay interpreting, working with Deaf/Relay Interpreters and legal interpreter training. She also explains why consecutive interpreting is favoured in court and discusses the need for more self-evaluation.

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